Builder Levy
“Photographer Builder Levy’s Appalachia USA (David R. Godine) does for today’s coal miners what Walker Evans did for sharecroppers and tenant farmers in the Dust Bowl.” —Vanity Fair

1973–76     Friendship with Paul Strand: Included living with Strand for 10 days in his East Fifth Street apartment, New York City, 2/73

11/74  Mentored by Minor White in exhibit design at Soho Photo (gallery), where both he and Levy were hanging one person shows.

1974–2009 Friendship with Helen Levitt

1961–2006 Friendship with Walter Rosenblum

1965–present     Friendship with Naomi Rosenblum

1967   Informal printing tutorial with Ralf Steiner

1963–81     Member, Photographer’s Forum, NYC (Chairman, 10/70-10/73, 10/76-10/78)

1966   M.A. in Art Education, New York University, metal welding sculpture with Jason Sealy, Printmaking with Robert Blackburn. As part of research for a paper for an education class (Teaching Difficult Students in the Secondary Schools) Levy sat in on, and befriended members of the Kamoinge Workshop, including its founder/advisor Roy DeCarava; visited Larry Fink’s program at Haryou Act in Harlem; and studied the photography program of the Farm Security Administration and Photo League. The paper became the basis for youth photograph workshops Levy later set up and directed in Oceanhill Brownsville (1968-1970), Bushwick (1975-1987) and on the Lower East Side (1988-1989)

1964   B.A. in Fine Arts, Brooklyn College, photography and honors photography with Walter Rosenblum; honors painting with Ad Reinhardt; art history with Milton Brown and David Sawin. Received All Arts Award 1964.